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Weecomi means We Commission. Based on a repeated and successful model, the company aimed to use a single discount card system all over the world. The system started R&D studies at the beginning of 2010, and after the completion of the software and infrastructure works, it started its activities in Azerbaijan in 2015. Weecomi, which completely renews its technological infrastructure in the globalizing and developing world; It has rearranged all of its systems for mobile use and has implemented a number of innovations that will make it easier for customers, SMEs, SMEs to reach customers and business partners. Hurry up to take your place in this new world and become a weecomi customer, SME or business partner.

In the face of rapidly developing technology and shopping malls that were opened one after another, small and medium-sized tradesmen came to the point of closing one by one. The Weecomi formation, which protects our small and medium-sized tradesmen, who form the backbone of the economy, aimed to bring its member businesses together and make them a great power. While Weecomi creates loyal customers to its member businesses by offering special promotions and opportunities to its customers; It also provided passive income opportunities to our dealers, which brought customers and member businesses (our tradesmen) together. While branding its member businesses and promoting them to the world, it gives its dealers the chance to make a profit in the world. To create a network of 250 thousand franchise dealers and 500 thousand SMEs by opening a headquarters in 50 countries in 5 years.

As Weecomi International, we offer our valued partners the best opportunity to establish their own social trading business. If you want to be a Weecomi Dealer in the city or district in your country, please contact us or our closest business partner. Weecomi, aiming to increase the sales, customers and therefore incomes of thousands of businesses losing turnover day by day with the mobile advertising and mobile commerce platform it has created, offers our valuable business partners the opportunity to take part in this developing market. Weecomi will be your greatest assistant in creating a secure financial future. Our main mission is to open up to the world and create 1000 Weecomi millionaires from the organization, develop SMEs. Make entrepreneurs the boss of their own businesses and eliminate unemployment in the global world.